When I see your photo
there’s a storm raiding in my heart…
You come in my dreams
and give me sleepless nights.
you’ve driven me crazy…
I can’t live without you,
nor tell you what’s in my heart.
you’re my dawn,
and my beautiful night
the world seems wrong
and you’re right one for me
my heart calls out to you
at least a dozen times a day…
I can’t stand any distance between us
just u and me, and no one else,
let me dwell on you
and take your name
every time in my heart beats
I can’t get enough of you!
you’re my destination, my love
I want to follow on your wake
As I got addicted to you
without you even a moment seems like forever!


Matters of heart ❤️

As the sun rises, you are the awakening to my eyes…
In my little heart, you are the sound of my heartbeats
It’s my mistake if your heart constantly thinks of me…
My lips constantly spell your name
The place next to you is like a moonlight to me…
The path you have walked is like a daylight to me
Dreaming about you, my soul is swiftly sailing…
My heart has become yours and not listening to me anymore
Who said that love is just an illusion?…
Who said that heart is enough to relish this bliss?
Who made you walk to towards me?…
Filling my thoughts with beautiful rainbow
Adding sweet moments with you…
by spending my lonely time with you
your sweet little smiles are my priceless treasures
My soul is telling you now…that I can’t live without you


My heart feels excited watching the rising moon
My heart feels overwhelmed with joy as it sees a shadow…thinking it’s you
Where is my poem that I dearly composed in my dreams?
Was it dissolved in my eyes? Or disappeared with the dawn
Please find my poem or bring back my dream
During this evening…my heart is searching for the face that was lost in my soul
During a hot summer noon…in these city streets…my heart is withering like a flower
My heart is searching for you among the rain drops dripping from the clouds
My heart is searching deeply in the tides of a sea for the lover of its dreams
If my soul could get a glimpse of your beautiful face…it would calm down
If you touch me with your tender finger tips even once…I would reborn again & again
All my heart desires is a glance…a word…and a touch of yours
It wishes for the flares of your endearing kiss all day long
My heart feels even a drop of your sweat as a scented sandal wood
Sweet pain caused by your stubble on my cheeks could not be expressed
I told my dear one that my heart is made of rock
But you emerged as a nurtured vine from by heart
My dream wasn’t driven in this direction ever before
Today…I have realized what I have missed till now
In the pitch – darkness of yesterday…is hiding my moon light
I am re-born to gain a brand new life
You have transformed my soul…with your love,
you changed me into a human being
The melody which my heart beat echoes is…you
Every step I take is you
the radiance which makes me move is you
With your magical influence over me…
all my yesterdays became insignificant
Like a mother, you made me relish the sweetness of affection


This endearing love letter is composed by my heart
My dear…hope you are doing good there…I am all good here
All our imaginations are melodious songs in the realms of eyes
Every word we speak resonates the beautiful poems of our dreams
The wound of my heart has healed with the magic of love
My body can endure any amount of pain…
but your tender soul cannot take even the flick of a flower
This craziness of love is not revealing itself…
and is melting in the dripping tears
I cannot tolerate if your heart’s filled with grief
This love is beyond the judgment of the people…
exceptional…pure than the blazing fire
Heart composes the affection we share as a soothing lullaby

Finally without you I’m no one….

Two kids…

Once up on a time…two kids met and became friends
Like the swiftly flying birds, with happiness as their wings they are joyously playing all around the sky. They met soulfully and showered affection on each other like rain
both of them grew up caring for each other. Making this entire world their home, they are spending every moment as a festival.With dreams without tears their friendship grew stronger.With sweet conversations and pure hearts their story thus started
Friendship is dancing everywhere…in floating paper boats…in a merry-go-round.Friendship is in the glow of a fire fly…in the first rains of the season…in the tinkle of the bangles.All these memories will last forever and add strength to your life
These proofs of friendship are the pillars of your building of affection
Friendship is filled in the untold words…in the paths that were not walked through…in the fishes that were not caught.Friendship is the moment that happened and even in the moment that is about to happen…friendship is shining as a star with time
teachers of future…stay bound to your friendship lifelong

Painfull breakup…  💔💔

All of a sudden…my breath is ceasing

I am unable to think as I see u like this

Like the hand cuffs that I can’t free myself from…your thoughts are not leaving me

All my limitless desires are now evaporated

Our relation can neither be measured nor be compared

There is nothing left though I open my eyes or close them

As usual I started walking…Don’t know at which shore my journey would end

Time has done a big mistake by separating you and me

Why did this turmoil erupt in my heart today?

I have owned this pain so much that it won’t leave me and stays with me like a shadow

In this path of illusion…we cannot control anything

Time might have directed this story…this might be the end…death

Silence and emptiness have engulfed you and me

“My little heart”

Is it a dream….
Is it the truth….
I do not know, so how ?

My little heart slips away
From my hand just like that….
And it leaves me
Running like this…

my heart does not listen to me,
and does not allow me to remain in silence
these moments are all because of you….

My little heart slips away
From my hand just like that….
And it leaves me
Running like this…

you have changed my course with magic
have you hidden it in your eyes?
when i am reminiscent of your laughter….